Introducing Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program for the first time in India - Unlock your genetic potential with our evidence-based genetic (DNA) testing backed by the cutting-edge scientific research.


Frequently Asked Questions

Welocity Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a premium wellness organization of India established with a vision of offering state-of-the-art technology-driven wellness solutions to health-conscious individuals and families from all walks of life. Welocity is headquartered in Mumbai city, the commercial capital of India

Welocity is proud to offer “Nutritional Genomics”, a genetics based nutritional therapy for the first time in India, through an exceptionally well-designed ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ along with the gene banking facility. Our ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ is extremely useful and offers great value to every health conscious individual. It helps understand one’s genetic profile and make vital lifestyle changes that are supported by our counseling calls and dietary recommendations. We also offer world’s finest wellness supplements.

Welocity aspires to create a world of wellness where every individual enjoys vigorous health, lives a happy and long diseases-free life. To achieve this goal it insists all health-conscious individuals to opt for Welocity ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’, scientifically understand one’s genetic profile and consume balanced food as per their genetic variants. We recommend customized diet plans based on the genetic profile and help them discover their F.A.M.E. quotient.

F.A.M.E. stands for ‘Food As Medicine Every day’. It was Hypocrites, the father of medicine, who had coined this phrase some 2500 years ago which simply means that we must consume food from the Mother Nature’s natural food-chain ecosystem that works like medicine in our body. F.A.M.E is an inexpensive way of being healthy through simple and natural methods.

Nutritional Genomics is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics technology to study the interrelationship between genes, nutrition and health. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from others, to foods. And we all know that the right foods can be therapeutic in nature especially if they are consumed in accordance with your genetic profile. Nutritional Genomics allows us to understand how our genes affect our behavior and response to the foods, beverages and the supplements we consume. It also affects how our foods have an impact on gene expression.

‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ is a comprehensive ‘Genetics Based Nutritional Therapy’ that includes individual genetics profile through a once-in-a-lifetime DNA Test, an exhaustive customized report with DNA profiling and lifestyle recommendations, counseling call from Genetic Counselor, customized diet plan based on your genetics profile and wellness helpdesk assistance for a period of 12 months.

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a long, complex and self-replicating molecule that carries the genetic code or instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms. It is the main constituent of chromosomes.

‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ consists of as many as 33 parameters and hence you will receive 33 genetic reports in a 43-page PDF.

Equipped with information that is specific to your genetic profile, our Nutrigenomics counselors will be able to develop the best dietary plan that can help you meet your nutritional and fitness goals. Adhering to these recommendations you will be able to optimize your nutritional status and prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases.

The Lifetime Genetics Program is designed to help you understand the root cause of many common health conditions and then help you solve them. In this program you will learn incredible insights into managing most widespread health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, low immunity, anxiety, depression, addictions, allergies, gastrointestinal issues, hypertension etc.

For example, individuals with lactose intolerance experience gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming dairy products. This is because of the lack of sufficient production of an enzyme called lactase which is encoded by the LCT gene and regulated by the MCM6 gene. Our single nucleotide polymorphisms in this gene determine whether we should be consuming lactose or not. If it is learned that you feel any of the following symptoms such as abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea and nausea and you lack production of the lactase enzyme, then you may consider simply avoiding dairy and dairy products that are high in lactose. Alternatively, you may choose to add lactase enzyme drops with your consumption of dairy and dairy products.

Yes. Your Lifetime Genetics Program report will be delayed beyond the stipulated 18 days, primarily due to the poor quality of saliva sample collected. If the saliva sample collected is poor, obviously due to not following the instructions properly, the lab is unable to read the genetic data and hence re-runs the sample in batches which can cause unnecessary delay. Kindly note, every run cost additional charges. Currently, they are not being collected from the customer.

The quality of your saliva sample could be poor due to not following the instructions properly. For instance, if you have not fasted for 30 minutes before sample collection or not rinsed your mouth with clean water before 10 minutes prior to spitting or if there is still food or tobacco stuck in your mouth or if you have touched the funnel with your fingers before the sample collection or lips have touched the funnel during sample collection, the saliva sample collected could be of poor quality which will end up in unnecessary delay and waste of time, money and efforts. So kindly watch the video multiple times to familiarize with the simple procedure.

Yes. You can get your ‘Nutritional Genomics’ DNA test done without consulting a health professional. We firmly believe every individual has the right to their own genetic information.

We use the best-in-class technology all the way from saliva sample collection, where we import the DNA saliva kits from Canada, to genotyping, where our machines are imported from the United States of America. Importantly, the specificity of the test is 100% which means that you can expect 100% accuracy for your SNP calls within your genome sequence.

SNP stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. They are single nucleotide variations in your genome sequence. It is important to note a key difference between a SNP and a mutation. A SNP is a single nucleotide variation in the genome sequence that is more common and found in more than 1% of the human population whereas, a mutation is a single nucleotide variation in the genome sequence that is rare and found in less than 1% of the human population.

Your DNA consists of 3 billion (300 Crores) base pairs coiled up into 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Till date genetic researchers have found over 25,000 genes in every cell of the human body. Genetics is a subject of ongoing research and there are newer genes that are discovered on an ongoing basis.

No. Human genes can never change. They are permanent.

Though human genes cannot be changed, the way they express can be regulated with a targeted diet, essential supplements and lifestyle. So, for example, if you carry an unfavorable genetic variant you can eat foods that will fix the problem on a genetic level.

If you follow all the advices and the recommendations in the report and incorporate the changes in your diet and lifestyle with the help of our in-house Nutrigenomics counselor, you have a high chance of preventing diseases. Additionally, if you are blessed enough to carry a few genetic variants, then you can even reverse certain conditions using a non-drug approach.

Yes. However since we are only genotyping select variants in your DNA sequence that have been studied so far to have significant effect, their effect will not change. New discoveries in this fast growing field may provide new insights into existing and newer genetic variants that have not yet been tested. This is why it may be valuable to upgrade your test every few years so that you can be on top of the genetics research and new breakthroughs in this field.

Your DNA sample will be stored in our secure, controlled-access facilities and labeled only with your unique barcode. With this facility you will not have to give your sample again and again, unlike a blood test, to learn more about your DNA in the future.

Your ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ DNA test results are not intended to form a short-term "diet Plan”. The information provided in your report, combined with the nutritional plan created by our Nutrigenomics counselor, will empower you with the knowledge with which you can continually make the best dietary choices for life.

Welocity strictly follows the privacy policy of it's clients personal health information that may be sensitive in nature, and hence practices utmost caution with this regard. It neither shares the DNA test report nor the 'Lifestyle Questionair' data to anyone other than the client him / herself. However, ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ DNA test report will be accessed by the backend staff of Welocity Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. for uploading on the web site purpose and Nutrigenomics counselor of Welocity Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd for making counseling calls and customized diet plan. Obviously, the Bioinformatics Officers of Sanger Genomics Pvt. Ltd. will have the health information. All the staff involved are bound by our stringent privacy policy.

Step 1: Register online with the reference of an existing Welocity IBO by clicking on ‘Sign up’ link on the home page, which is absolutely free. Then, click on ‘Buy Now’ link on the home page and buy ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ with SKU Code DNA001. You may pay through Online Payment Gateway or directly to any of the company banks (Axis / ICICI / SBI) accounts.

Step 2: Your DNA saliva sample collection kit will be sent to you by courier / speed post within 7 working days from the date of online purchase (activation). You may collect your saliva sample as per the procedure explained in IBO Back Office. Kindly refer to our short video on Saliva Sample Collection procedure in the ‘Video Gallery’. Kindly send your sample to Welocity head office at Mumbai through self-addressed envelope on a ‘To-Pay’ basis.

Step 3: Your sample will be sent to the laboratory for DNA profiling. Once your DNA code is captured, our Bioinformatics Officers will carefully study your genetic variants and create a customized report based on scientific studies and post your test report in PDF format in Welocity IBO Back Office. The report is self explanatory. However, our Support Staff will arrange a Counseling Call by Welocity Genetic Counselor.

Step 4: Based on your genetic report, Chief Dietician of Welocity will prepare a customized diet plan which will be posted on Welocity IBO Back Office. You can get back to the Welocity Help Desk anytime through email, WhatsApp or phone call for any future assistance.

From the time of buying ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get your customized DNA test report, followed by customized diet plan.

Yes. Welocity provides a legitimate business opportunity to become a wellness entrepreneur. Kindly speak to the person who referred to you to this web site for more information.