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Food Intolerances

Did you know that some people have an autoimmune reaction when they consume foods such as roti, bread etc. that contains gluten (wheat, barley or rye)? Find out if you are allergic to wheat, barley or rye? Did you know that your villi in the small intestine can get inflamed and cause mal-absorption of other essential nutrients causing all sorts of health conditions? Did you know that gluten intolerance can hinder weight loss? Find out if you should be going on a gluten free diet.

Do you love milk, ice cream and other dairy products? Did you know that lactose (natural sugar found in milk and dairy products) can create health challenges such as burps, gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, belly pain and even cramps, if not digested by your body? Find out if your small intestine is making enough of lactase, an enzyme that breaks down or digest lactose? Find out if you are sensitive to milk and dairy and can your body digests milk and other dairy products?

Do you want to know what habit of yours is causing you anxiety on a daily basis? Did you know that consuming the caffeine, found in your chocolates, tea, coffee, energy drinks, coke/Pepsi, can increase the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, or worry in people based on their unique genetic code? Do you feel anxious and hence less productive on a regular basis? Do you want to find out why? Your daily cup of chai might be to blame.

Did you know that based on your genotype consuming caffeine (found in coffee, aerated drinks, chocolates etc.) can cause a heart attack and high blood pressure / hypertension? Find out what causes heart attack and hyper tension and how to prevent it?

Want to eliminate the risk of having a baby that weighs less and has a smaller head circumference? Caffeine is widely consumed by women of reproductive age. And it has been implicated to inhibit fetal growth but the evidence was conflicting until now. We now know your genotype plays a role with prenatal caffeine intake and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Did you know that your unique genetic code could make eating your favorite chicken tikka or any non-veg tandoori item toxic for your body and can cause DNA and protein damage in your cells? If you love eating chargrilled meat on a regular basis you might be exposing yourself to serious health problems.