Introducing Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program for the first time in India - Unlock your genetic potential with our evidence-based genetic (DNA) testing backed by the cutting-edge scientific research

How Does It Works?


Saliva Sample Collection Kit
(Made in Canada)

We collect saliva sample for your non-invasive Nutrigenomics DNA testing in a premium DNA Kit imported from Canada. Simply fast for 30 minutes any time during 24X7, gargle 10 minutes before the sample collection and collect your 2ml saliva. Refer to our video tutorial.

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Sample Collection from Anywhere in India

We ship the DNA collection kit anywhere in India. You may send your saliva sample to our head office in Mumbai through courier or speed post within max. 14 working days. Alternatively, you can hand deliver your sample in our head office too.


Lifetime Genetics Program Report (PDF)

Your sample will be processed in the lab using cutting-edge DNA sequencing machines imported from USA. Our Genetics Officers will then study your genetics data and a comprehensive 45-page personalized LGP report will be provided within 18 working days.


Counseling Session from Welocity Genetic Counselor

Once your report is given to you, Welocity Nutrigenomics Counsellors will explain your report and highlight specific findings that can help you make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle.


Your Personalized Gene-Based Diet Plan

Based on your genetic report a personalized gene-based diet plan with foods to add, avoid and eat in moderation along with physical activities that suit your genetic make-up will be explained to you through an action plan.


Wellness Help Desk Assistance

You may continue to get further assistance from our Nutrigenomics Consultants and make necessary correction in your lifestyle till you attain your desired health goals for the next 12 months.