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Nutrient Deficiency Risks

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism or other conditions like liver disorders, high LDL cholesterol, loss of pancreatic β-cell mass, vision problems, low resistance to infections, weight gain, skin problems, brittle teeth and inflammation? Did you know that these symptoms among others can be caused by Vitamin A deficiency? Hence find out your lifetime risk based on your genetics. Pay attention particularly if you are a vegetarian since vegetarians carry a greater risk. Also find out targeted solutions if you carry the unfavorable genetic variant.

Do you have skin rashes, cracked or sore lips, weakened immunity, low energy? What if you could potentially identify the root cause of these conditions? Your DNA can indicate whether you are likely to be genetically predisposed to Vitamin B6 deficiency. Vitamin B6 is needed for proper brain development in kids, it also helps the body make the hormones serotonin (which regulates mood) and norepinephrine (which helps the body cope with stress)

Are you absorbing adequate amount of B12 from foods? Does your body have problem in absorbing Vitamin B12? Did you know that people with diabetes are more prone for Vitamin B12 deficiency? And importantly, did you know that your genotype can identify the root cause of your Vitamin B12 deficiency and help in determining your base line risk, unlike a blood test? Based on research, find out which foods would assist you in absorption of Vitamin B12 and exactly what quantity of Vitamin B12 supplementation your body needs?

Are you afraid of getting Osteoporosis? Did you know that your genes play a vital role in transporting Vitamin D in your bloodstream to where it is needed? In fact, you may be suffering from Vitamin-D deficiency in spite of having normal levels of Vitamin-D in your blood test results. Hence, find out the root cause of your Vitamin-D deficiency related health conditions such as muscle weakness, fatigue, osteoporosis etc. Also, Vitamin-D deficiency can increase your risk for diabetes.

Vitamin E deficiency might be contributing towards abdominal obesity in some people. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew this in advance? It turns out that if you carry certain genetic variations you can actually loose inches on your waist simply by changing your diet or taking Vitamin E supplements.

Did you know that if you carry a certain genetic variant your chances for calcium for deficiency increase. Calcium is important for bone health and if you don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D to support functions, your body takes calcium from your bones. This is called losing bone mass, which puts you at risk for the bone disease osteoporosis.