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Psychological Traits

Are you or your child gifted when it comes to learning new languages? If so, you might have a slight advantage over others if your trying to learn Chinese (Mandarin) or Spanish? The ability to learn a language varies in adults. Scientists are now beginning to understand the molecular neurobiology of language and have found some evidence linking linguistic grammar learning and certain genetic variations.

Can our genetic makeup influence the way we learn from errors? They say you learn from your mistakes, but did you know you might be taking longer to do so than others? We usually learn from both positive and negative action outcomes. But do you take longer than you should? Are you insensitive to negative consequences of self-destructive behavior?

Do you want to know why you or your child gets easily bored of things? Some people always need new things to keep them interested and genetic research now confirms this. Knowing whether you or someone you love has a tendency to seek novelty can be very useful. You may now know the secret to keeping them interested in things by introducing variety into their lives.

Do you have difficulty in concentrating or paying attention compared to others? Have you ever wondered why you have a short attention span? Do you have a genetic predisposition for ADHD?