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What Users Say

Preeti Varma

Hi. I am Preeti Varma. It’s been 25 years since I have asthma and not a single day that I haven’t taken medicine. Out of curiosity, I opted for Welocity LGP and had my counseling. It was truly an awesome experience. Initially, when walked in, I had too many expectations that the counselor would ask me to stop eating so many things and then say this would help reduce your asthma. However, to my surprise she told me to eat things that would get me better. Since I was unable to understand the discussion fully in the first counselling session, I called again. Counselor patiently heard me out and made me understand things and gave so easy and effective diet.
It has been just two days and I am bloody good and kicking. Yesterday was a miracle for me, as I was roaming across Mumbai attending two business meetings and a workshop. Yet, I didn’t feel the need to have my daily medicine. I have realized how important diet is and more over how important nutrigenomics is. You guys are a blessing for many people like me.
In fact, you primarily deal with the mindset of people and look into what creates that kind of thought patterns. Only did I know that my mindset has changed in just two days. I have stood up for things that I used to avoid cause had no strength mentally and emotionally but with just two days of diet I have actually learnt my psychological dynamics have changed. I have started to put my foot down in places where I have to say no. No more running away or hiding from situation out of fear that my body cannot take the stress.
Being physically fit gave me different sense of emotional and mental strength. I now more determined to follow the diet. And Yes, I hope to find myself. The real me back. In a years’ time I am sure I will be back to being myself back the real me. Very soon to be Preeti Varma that I was before being hospitalized thrice in ICU and may be just 10 and 20 minutes away from live support.
Once again thank Team Welocity.

Utpala Dave

My counseling session was great. It made me realize how to assess each food and its nutritional value. Counselor graciously elaboratedevery phenotype. I understood many new aspects which I did not know before

Kunjil Bid

My counselingwas awesome. If I were to rate from 1 to 5 star, then it’s a perfect 5-Star. Thanks team Welocity.

Daya Yadav

It was an amazing experience to learn so many new things. Thank you for your guidance. Special thanks for inspiring to be healthy.

Ramanath Verma
Navi Mumbai

After doing DNA test, I’ve modified my diet as per the recommended action plan. All my health parameters are perfectly under control except some digestive system. I hope, in due course I will be able to sustain good health without any Allopath medicine.

Nimish Patel

Detailed and extremely useful. It will be a game changer in transforming my health. Your style and the contents were fabulous.

Dr. Srikakolli Ellian

Truly appreciate Welocity NGCfor the time spent in explaining all the phenotypes which otherwise would have been misunderstood.

Dr. S S Guglani

Welocity NGC gave me a detailed explanation about every phenotype. Impressive. There was patience, politeness and sweetness. God bless.

CA Pankaj Maheshwari

Super experience. Simple understandable language.I come to know many good and bad things about my health.Extremely happy the way Welocity NGC explainedmy report step by step in a manner in which I could understand so easily. I am a proud family member of Welocity.

Shivangi Garg

Thank you for patiently listening to me and answering all my questions. A big thumbs up.

Rohit Garodia

Very useful. One should undergo a detailed genetic counseling at least once. Overall, good experience.Concept of Genetic Testing is great, specially designed according to Indian life style. Go for Welocity.

Dr. Samata Kulkarni

The world of DNA is fascinating. My LGP report and the genetic counseling thereafter were impressive.

Suzanne Nanji

Really appreciate the remarkable knowledge and advice. I am committed to adhere to your advice and hope to get maximum health benefit. Thanks a million.

Akansha Ranjan
Model/Actress, Pune

Very insightful. Counselor was knowledgeable and patient. Very happy.

Aditi Sanjay Patil

Excellent counseling. She considered my erratic lifestyle and gave me practical diet advice. My queries were fully resolved.

Sumit Bohra
CA , Mumbai

Very good. The diet plan suggested is quite apt and easy to follow. I have already started following it and seeing very positive results.

Mantosh Howladar

Counseling experience was overwhelming. It’s a 10/10. Great, warm and impressive counseling with heart.

Aditi Deepak Agarwal

Every phenotype was explained in detail. Fully satisfied with the advice and guidance.

Shruti Kijbile, Canada

Very informative and helpful.

Kusum Gala

Excellent counseling by Welocity NGC. The report was explained very nicely.

Shiv Dixit

Welocity NGC was very polite and understanding. All my questions were effectivelyand patiently answered. Fully motivated to follow the advice.

Shiv Dixit

Counselling was good. No complaints atall. Very well explained .

Reetu Rajesh Chopra

Thank you so much for explaining my report and my health risk factors so beautifully. I can relate to it. Thanks for the diet and guidance. You guys are so good.

Pramod Kumar Tiwari

Counselor explained every point in a convincing manner, the risks that I carry and how I can overcome them by simply changing my dietand lifestyle.


Some ongoing chronic health issues made me opt for genetic testing. My counselling was very enlightening. Welocity NGC helped me understand my test results with great clarity and gave me very helpful advice. I appreciate the polite and friendly demeanor and their patience in answering my questions and clearing my doubts.

Dr. Jayanti Kishanbhai

Thank you Welocity NGC. It was pleasure talking to you. You counselling ability is excellent.

Mrs.Yogini D.Puthran

Counseling was very nice, interesting and understandable. We are grateful to Welocity.

Paramjit Duggal

Great counseling session. We are given excellent information. Hopefully we will have better health by following the suggested action plan.

Shiree Arora

Thank you for the amazing counselling. It was very informative and helpful. You heard me out very patiently and helped me resolve my queries so well. Thanks Team Welocity.

Harshad Gala

Had a great counseling. Great knowledge of Nutrigenomics. Very happy.

Kirti Agarwal

Glad to mention that I had a great counseling session with you. Your way of clarifying every query logically with in-depth knowledge is really admirable. Being in the healthcare industry for over 19 years, I have never had such experience. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and contribution extended towards creating a better and healthier me.

Sharath Babu

Thank you for the wonderful counseling. It was crystal clear in a laymen language which made it easy for me to understand and follow the instructions. You guys are rocking. Best wishes.

Seema Bora

Very knowledgeable NGC. Informative, useful and very nice session. Thanks a lot.

Jivan Singh Negi

The counselling was excellent. The knowledge and communication of counselor is superb. She answered all the questions which I posed regarding my DNA profiling.

Shruthi S

Felt very nice after talking, the counselling session was really very well explained.

Anand Sakhare

Counselling was very good. It was informative about diet including a detailed explanation about each phenotype- Do's and don'ts.Looking forward to my diet plan.

Ashok Jadhav

Counselling of today was one of my best experiences.

Kantilal Dobariya

I am extremely satisfied with the Welocity counseling session.

CA Anish Maheshwari

Counselor explained every point in detail. Answered all my queries in an effective way. She also educated me about what should be the ideal components of my diet. Many misconceptions were sorted out. Truly amazing experience and definitely worth it.

Suman Gangawane

The session was very good. Understood everything and will apply it. Thank you for the valuable information.

Sheetal Prakash

My counseling session was very good. I am confident if I follow it, it will be very helpful to me.

Dr. Prashanth Upadhyay

Extremely nice counseling.

Dharam Chand Jain

The counselling session was good. So many new things to learnabout food habits and exercise

Ramadhin Rane

An eye opener for the entire family. Welocity NGCs knowledgeand their homework is very strong. Thanks to Team Welocity

Madhumita Agashe

Thanks for a clear, comprehensive and empathizing explanation of my report. I look forward to receiving the action plan

Pooja Kiran Karalkar

Explanation of our DNA report was very good and in detail. Really appreciate

Manjit Singh Abrol

Welocity is a place where I got 100% satisfaction. Welocity NGC explained each and every aspect of my and my wife's health related issues based on the DNA report. I am thankful to Welocity. I would like to advice LGP to my family members and relatives.

Shadaab Noorani

Very interesting. Had an in-depth insight into my genes and itsbehaviors.This is what I was actually searching all this while.Highly informative insights. The best part is that I was assured that proper food and lifestyle can alter many of my health conditions. Thanks a lot. Wish you health, wealth and success.

Nitin Alkari

I had an excellent counseling. NGC gave me a comprehensive understanding with scientific explanation. Very useful insights. Extremely fruitful session.

Luiz Rosario

Spent quality time with Welocity NGC. Very educative and informative. I am fully satisfied with the information shared.

Santosh Thakur

Excellent counselling. Easy to understand and implement. NGC gave me a patient hearing.

Akansha & Subramaniam

Getting a counselling session at this age will definitely help us for a healthy, fitand happy life. It was informative. Explained nicely and can be implemented practically.

Mukesh Mehta

Your explanation was excellent and very satisfactorily.

Rutvik Savaliya

The counselling was very well structured and you guys have very good knowledge on the subject as well. Your detailed explanation on each and every aspect will help me make positive changes in my lifestyle easily. I am very grateful to my parents for introducing me to Welocity LGP because it has helped me to know myself better. Hopefully, the reports combined you’re your counselling will help me achieve my health goals easily and live a stress free and energetic life. Thank you so much for everything.

Dr. Mehul Kalavadiya
Centre Head Wockhardt Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

Excellent Counselling. Wonderful. Rating 10/ 10. Highly satisfied.

Raja Poptani

Thank you very much for amazing counselling. It was indeed truly enriching. Firsthand experience of knowing more about God's creation - our body - and how to take care of it.

Uma Maheshwaran

It was a wonderful session. I am pleased to say that I am fully satisfied.

Krishna Kanhaiya

We were slightly apprehensive with a mixture of disbelief thinking what Welocity has to offer would be really beneficial or not. But Welocity fully lived up to our expectations. We appreciatethe way NGCs understandthe frame of mind of your customers and admire the comfort in relating the conventional knowledge of a dietitian to the new inputs from genetics. It was not only comforting but also deeply convincing.

Shirang Kadam

We really liked the counselling today.Based on our DNA reports a very good detailed explanation was given and we are extremely happy and satisfied with it.

Manoj Pawshe

Welocity NGC made me understand my report in Marathi and guided me in the right direction. I am very much satisfied with the counselling.

Varsha Ajmeera

Your cooperation in solving my health problem is highly appreciated. I am very happy to coordinateand engage with you. You were very humble and polite.

Deepak Pai & Asha Pai

Would like to compliment Welocity NGC for excellent counselling. She helped us to understandourselves in a much better and simple way.

Rajesh & Pramila Pandey

Very informative. It matches with our exact requirement.

Jeniffer Pinto

Welocity NGC was excellent in explaining the report. Extremely patient in answering countless doubts. Looking forward to achieve my health goals with your expert advice.

Firoz & Shabhana Shaik

It was a good experience by knowing all the factors concerned with my genetic factors. I'll try my best to overcome all the deficiencies.

Ruchika Pruthi

Wow. Really impressive. Up to the mark.

Prena Shekhawat & Virendra Singh Shekhawat

Excellent and elaborate consultation. Lots of patience and full of knowledge. Very useful.

Sanjay Alghare

It was an excellent session. We got to know a lot of information about DNA analysis and its implications on our own body.We would prefer to solve these issues under your guidance.

Sushil Mengade

Welocity a good start to change. A superb view to change the living standard. Do not need to go to the hospital. A good and co-operative staff. Thanks.

SG Riswadkar

Report was explained nicely. I came to know many thingsabout my body which I did not understand before and nobody told me so far. Also,proper advice was given for eating breakfast, meals and especially fruits. Although I was knowing,I was not following.Now with the genetic diet chart and advice, I hope to improve my health further.

Nandlal Kachru Shinde

Thank you so much for giving such wonderful counselling.Thank you Team Welocity for introducing this concept. The advice given is an eye-opener and in the right direction.

Harvey Lobo

Welocity NGCs are found to be extremely well-versed with the subject. I am very much pleased in my consultation. I would give her a 5-star rating.

Navnit Gaglani

I came to know a lot of things about my body and my health which I did not ever know. Many thanks to Welocity. Very good guidance.

Amruta Narvekar

Welocity NGCs are the best nutritionistsand counsellors we have ever come across. They have guided us and explained everything in a very crystal-clear way.

Vishnu Khimani

The nutritional plan was made very easy and very beneficial for us to even implement practically. Best way to make life simple.

Janice Lobo & Jacinta Lobo

Very Informative and helpful to understand the risks that we are prone to. Quite encouraging to work towards a better life.

Dhaval Bhavsar

Thanks for the practical advice. Your ability to explain each and every point in making me understand my genetic report in an easy and positive way was commendable. I know Team Welocity will be always ready to guide me in understanding my body deeply and also in making my diet and lifestyle healthy and perfect.

Tushar Samant

My counselling was very good. I got a lot of insights about my health. Some core doubts about my food intake were resolved.

Florine Fernandes & Angel Rizvi

The counselling session was amazing.We learnt so many ideas to change our life style and live a better healthy and active life.Glad we did this program by which we came to know about the flaws in our genes and DNA which can be altered by consuming food which suits our body.Thank you so much for making me and even Angel understand in such a friendly way. Iam sure now that this program will help Angel to reduce weight which I was not able to do, since last 10-15 years. We can prevent lots of sickness by following the gene-based action plan and we are ready.

Murtuza Hakimji

Wonderful counselling given. Detail understanding of the report explained.

Urmila Acharya
Navi Mumbai

Report was explained really well. All my doubts were clarified. Interaction with client was excellent.

Vimal Badlani

It is very useful information I got about myself. NGC helped me improve knowledge of Vitamins, Proteinsand all kinds of food supplements. I am thankful to Welocity for such valuable information.

Nidhi Samani

It was a pleasure talking to you and really appreciated your smilethrough your voice. A pleasant conversation with high professionalism and extremely good knowledge and experience of your subject. Glad to have you advising me and my familyon Nutrigenomics.

Dr. Divya Singhal
New Delhi

Nutrigenomics is an interesting and valuable concept. It is a way to treat diseases through food. It caters to customized nutritional requirements of the individual. It has the potential to change the way we treat patients. Oh! Welocity NGCs have excellent command over the subject. They can explain convincingly. They are patient listeners and provide effective solutions to various queries. They are sincere and punctual. It was great talking to them.

Swatsya John
Maryland, US

The counselling session was very informative and fruitful. The counsellor was very patient during the session. Everything was explained pretty clear. All the doubts were patiently heard and clarified. Iam very happy about it. I appreciate it.

Elizabeth Rosario

Very good advice given by Welocity on probable future health challenges and how to overcomethem through diet and exercise.Would strongly recommend everyone to do a genetic testing for prevention of future diseases. Thank you Welocity.

Elizabeth Rosario

Very good advice given by Welocity on probable future health challenges and how to overcomethem through diet and exercise.Would strongly recommend everyone to do a genetic testing for prevention of future diseases. Thank you Welocity.

Vijay Sharma

Counselling was very good. Hope it will be beneficial to every human being.

Amit & Jigna Parekh

We are extremely satisfied with counselling by Welocity NGC. We are very grateful with her in suggesting us corrective dietary guidelines and recommendations.

Movin Gilbert D'mello

Excellent counselling. A lot of details on how to get optimum health through changes in the lifestyle were discussed. Very professional, keep up the good work. Welocity LGP is very beneficial as I was given a lot of insights about myself. I am extremely thankful to Welocity for this wonderful work they do, to create a health people lifestyle.

Veronica Movin Dmello

The counselling session was excellent. Lot of information was given and awareness created.

Gopal Iswar Iyer

It was very good. It was very informative and each and every point was discussed and explained in an elaborative manner. I found it very useful for my health.

Rajesh Bangde

Counselling was very effective.Everything was explained in detail.Doubts were clarified in a simple way. In all I am satisfied with the counselling.Thanks for Patience & explaining things.

Urmila Dixit

The counseling is very clear and detailed. We feel very motivated. And will follow it to the 'T'. Thanks a lot for nice guidance. Also, the future illness guide is given properly.

Murthy TA

I have found Welocity LGP to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. After receiving my LGP report I consulted them on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my family. I trust the report and their advice.I am really glad that I got LGP done. It has given an insight on various risk factors to be taken care of especially diabetes for me.I will be recommending this to my family and friends. Thanks Team Welocity.

Ravi Rochlani

Counselling was good. Exceeded my expectations. Most of the points were explained in detail. It was put forward in a simple way to understand easily .

Shruti Sharma Agarwal

It was a very nice interaction. I have got to know many things in detail which I am sure would help me in dealing with my health problems.Thank You for your valuable advice.

Deepika Zaveri

Counseling was very good. Welocity NGCs are knowledgeable. about diet and what to do and what don't do.

Sharmistha R Lotlikar & Fly
Ex. Police commissioner, Mumbai

We had a very good and interesting session with Welocity counselor. We are really happy that we did the test done.

Sunanda Moosseddee

I had a wonderful counselling. It was an eye opener for me- very precise and practical. Virtually, I connected with all the tests done. I am extremely grateful to the organization for bringing this service to mankind. The entire session was highly interactive & informative.

Shruthi Shetty

The counselling session was very good and informative. Very well explained and very helpful. The do's and don’ts were explained in detail. The explanation was in an extremely systematic and structured format.

Dr Mohd, Dohadwala & Dr. Jamila Dohadwala

Welocity has excellent Nutrigenomics counsellors and we are totally sold out on the idea of having a nutritional lifestyle. Counselors are friendly and have very good vibe about themselves. Very happy with the program and personal counselling.

Jagdish & Saroj Mahavar
Dahod, Gujarat

We want to congratulate Welocity for the amazing work being done through Lifetime Genetics Program. We are particularly impressed by the counseling part and want to thank counselors for the guidance they imparted on our genetic report with such a grace and simplicity. We both had lots of curiosity and questions as both of us are having complex health issues. After our on-call and one-to-one counseling, we could relate to all our health issues. Counselor addressed all our questions & gave us some good suggestions of her own.We have already started implementing our action plans. We are also looking forward to take this program to many others who are suffering from one or the other chronic disorders.

Charan Singh Azad & Manjit Azad
IPS, Mumbai

It was a wonderful explanatory session. The counselor went in great details to explain very exhaustive, very knowledgeable. We are very impressed with her knowledge and skill. I wish her all the best.

Netra Arya

Firstly, my genetic report wad spot onas per my expectations based on my body symptoms. Further, Welocity counselor explained the report in such a simple manner that I could understand it with ease. Her style and categorization of the report was so simple and impressive due to which I could understand it very well. For me, LGP is 100% useful and successful. Now, I must act on the advicefully to lead a long healthy comfortable life. I am extremely grateful to.

Pooja Bedi

Very informative and very well explained knowledge is power.Thanks so much.

Srikakolli Jayapradha

Counseling was very good. Counselors show lots of patience & concern. Everything was explained in detail. Am very much pleased with the counselling. Thank you. God bless you.

Tushar Naik

I had a wonderful genetic counseling session about my report. Welocity NGCs are knowledgeable and hence I am completely satisfied with the test and the session. Will certainly recommend all my family and friends about this.

Swagath Shinde

The counselling was up to the mark. The counsellor was able to communicate in a very structured manner in multiple languages. I am extremely satisfied.

Solomon Rohekar & Angelah S Rohekar

Our visit to Welocity office was a good experience. Counselor was very helpful. She made us understand the intricacies of various concepts and assured their support whenever any problem arises or when we don’t understand certain matters.

Sachin Pawar

Counselling was excellent. I am very happy. I will definitely implement the advice.

Padmapani Bhosle

Counselling was very Good. Explanation was best. Very good. Keep it up.

Takshshila Bhosle

Very crucial and important information was shared with us which is going to help us a lot in the future. As a counselor, you have very good speaking and convincing skills. Very knowledgeable and patient person. Thank you very much.

Anil & Anjali Badlani

All questions are clarified properly. Counselling is good. Satisfied.

Ankit Agarwal

Counselling was very good. Got to learn lot of new things about food and health related stuff and many things about myself. Will try to work on all suggestions.Thanks for being such an awesome counselor.

Berry Sundaram

The counselling was quitesatisfactory and informative. Welocity NGC are very patient and pleasant in her explanation. Now all depends on me to follow the plan. Thank you so much.

Kesar Matharu

My counselling was very good. Lots of new knowledge. Satisfying. Will follow whatever has been recommended to me. I strongly recommend Welocity LGP to everyone.

Sanjay Sabnis

Welocity counselor could explain to me details of do’s and don’ts going forward on the basis of my DNA report. The report seemed to be complicated for me but you could explain in a layman’s language with less medical jargon.Looking forward to make corrections in my regular food habits and diet.

Kailash Bajirao Gaekwad

Session was excellent. Everything was explained with amazing logic and reason.

Nityanand Vijay Nadkarni
EX- Indian Navy, Mumbai

Its pleasure to have a great counsellor to counsel me. Welocity counselors are awesome, having great knowledge about DNA and Nutrition. I learned a lot many things from her. Proud to associate with Welocity LGP.

Norbert & Sandra D’penha

The counselling session was very cordial, friendly and informative. We were relaxed and happy and enthusiastic to listen to the information and advice given. Looking forward to now receive the written format so we can start following it.

Brajesh Maheshwari

Wonderful. Amazing guidance. Welocity is committed to bring smile on the face of every customer because they believe only that will bring them satisfaction and happiness.

Meena Shinde

So nice to talk to you. You have made me understand the report very well. Excellent communication skills. It was nice talking to you.

Sumesh V.S.

Was a great experience at Welocity during the counselling session to understand the inner self. Was well explained and helpful to unleashed by the counselors in the center.

Rahim Anil Bardai

The councilor has great yet a very simple way of explaining. I am truly satisfied with her counselling. I eagerly look forward to her help for all my future counselling and diet plans.Thanks so much for making a difference.

Sujit & Kavita

The counselling session was very good and easily understood. Friendly in nature and advisable to everybody.

Sujit & Kavita

Today I had counselling for me and my son. Thanks to Welocity who gave a nice presentation and knowledge about our report and also cleared all our doubts. We are very much happy.