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Is your Lifestyle

Genetic susceptibility and adoption of a high-calorie low-activity lifestyle is a fatal combination for multiple life-threatening disorders and premature death amongst India's growing middle class.

Predict Your Health Risks at the Genetic Level

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Find out your Genetic Predisposition for various existing as well as Future Health Risks and Get Personalized Gene-based Dietary Interventions and Smart Lifestyle Modifications by our Experienced Genomic Wellness Counselors.


Ideal for individuals with diabetic and prediabetic conditions.

Cardiac Health

Ideal for individuals with Cardio Vascular Diseases.


Learn the secrets of ideal Weight Management without fad diets

Smart Kid

Catch them young for a healthy & glorious future

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Discover the root cause of Woman-Specific health complications


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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Gene-Based Diet Plan

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Committed to Create passionate Genomic Wellness Professionals to Make Positive Contributions in an Illness World and serve humanity as Informed Genetics Professionals.