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Who Should Take A Genetic Test?

First things first. The Lifetime Genetics Program is not intended for treatment of diseases per se. However, since it is nutrition and lifestyle choices that account for over 80% of disease development in human body, we cannot afford to neglect this side of our life. The Lifetime Genetics Program is a comprehensive wellness program where you will not only be able to identify but also successfully treat, in many cases, completely or partially, the root cause of many medical conditions. So, if you truly want to achieve prime health, we highly recommend you take Lifetime Genetic Program and understand your genetic profile and make healthy and wise lifestyle choices.

You should take Lifetime Genetic Program if you are someone, who,

Want to prevent most important common diseases: By knowing your inherited genetic makeup we provide you with personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that will help you prevent or delay a number of diseases.

Have chronic diseases: As mentioned above the Lifetime Genetics Program is not intended to treat diseases. But as nutrition and lifestyle choices account for 80% of disease development, you should never neglect this side of your life. Find out what your body truly needs with our advanced Lifetime Genetics Program.

Have diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular and bone diseases in the family and ancestral line: If your family members had problems with health it is an important sign that you might have inherited their traits as well. You should learn about this aspect of your body at the earliest so that you can take timely practical preventive measures.

Care about your health and wellbeing and are interested in learning more about your own body: No person in the world has the same finger prints. Every person is unique and obviously every person needs unique nutrition and lifestyle. Let the Lifetime Genetics Program show your individual genetic characteristics and the implications it has on your health and wellbeing.

Experience a lot of stress and feel the need to make a change: Stress accompanied with irregular nutrition, unhealthy food, lack of sleep and several other lifestyle choices is an important risk factor for development of diseases. We cannot avoid stress completely but we can at least fight it by giving your body what it needs.

Due to fast-paced life cannot fully focus on understanding your bodies' specific needs: We know how busy and stressful life can be and you cannot live as healthy as you intend to. Especially, you cannot focus on all health areas and general recommendations. Lifetime Genetics Program gives you great value by helping you understand which health areas and nutrients you should truly focus on to prevent inherited genetic risks.

Who cannot find the answer as to why they are not feeling well or do not have enough energy to tackle their daily tasks: Your body is so complex that it would take years of trials and mistrials to discover its actual needs. Why suffer the side-effects of that when you could have the answers to your successful lifestyle and nutrition right now?


Find out more details about every phenotype of the Lifetime Genetics Program in our product section. This is a one-time cost you will incur to accurately understand your genetic profile and tailor your nutrition and lifestyle choice to your inherited genetic risks and profile. It will help you improve your well-being, energy levels and metabolism that can further help you avoid preventable diseases. So, take your Nutrigenomics test today and start your healthy lifestyle now.

For more information on Lifetime Genetic Program, kindly speak to our trained Welocity Independent Business Owners.