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Welocity Story

about Welocity

The Thought Seed

Welocity is a premium wellness company thoughtfully established to nurture precious human life. It is born out of a deep commitment to offer advanced wellness solutions to aspiring people from all walks of life and transform their irregular 21st century lifestyle into joyful living. Having immensely benefited from the Wellness industry, we at Welocity firmly believe that only a balanced lifestyle clubbed with disciplined living can ensure happiness in our life. With this heartfelt desire we have set ourselves out on a massive mission of creating loyal Wellness Warriors who are committed to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

Welocity believes in offering the best and the latest in the wellness industry. To ensure this, we have strategically combined a large team of well qualified and experienced global health and wellness research scientists, geneticists, bioinformaticians, Nutrigenomic counselors, Pharma professionals, wellness experts, nutritionists and alternative therapists in a single platform to create a vibrant wellness organization of India. Welocity is truly committed to help you experience optimum wellness by offering innovative and need based wellness solutions driven by modern technology combined with ancient wisdom. Our primary focus is to unleash some of the cutting edge global wellness solutions here in India helping Indian masses experience proven global wellness solutions.

Nutrigenomics With Gene Banking

The Future of Wellness

Welocity takes immense pride in presenting Lifetime Genetics Program combined with gene banking for the first time in India. This cutting-edge wellness solution revolves around a once-in-a-life-time Nutrigenomics DNA test that strives to investigate human body's response to various nutrients, diet and exercise regimen based on an individual’ DNA. In the last five years, Nutrigenomics has massively disrupted the traditional nutritional industry globally as it is believed to hold the key in addressing some of the most chronic and incurable diseases. Welocity, in association with Sanger Genomics - the pioneer of nutrigenomics in India, is super excited to offer a wide range of personalized wellness solutions based on one’s genetic profiling. S0, it’s time you say goodbye to trial and error methods and opt for a precise and result-oriented genetic based healthcare management. Isn’t it exciting to know what the secret of your wellbeing is, once for all?

Get Your F.A.M.E Right

At Welocity, our endeavor is to bring you back where you originally belong - the Mother Nature.

We intend to passionately insist you to follow the F.A.M.E. (Food as Medicine Everyday) philosophy of this world’s largest pharmacy. This timeless principle advocated by Hippocrates, the father of medicine some 2500 years ago has never been so relevant than in these hazardous modern times. At Welocity, we offer you the world’s finest and scientifically validated nutraceuticals that are proven to tremendously improve human health. All Welocity products are manufactured from finest ingredients along with the highest quality standards for optimum bio-absorption. Each product is safe and is free of toxins, allergens and side effects. It’s time we have a serious look at our food habits and become loyal F.A.M.E addicts.

Wellness Entrepreneurship

Welocity is pleased to offer an exciting business opportunity for aspiring individuals to foster wellness entrepreneurship in the booming trillion-dollar Wellness industry. We reckon financial wellness is one of the crucial spokes of our holistic wellness wheel. With long term vision, noble mission and an efficient management, Welocity is equipped to create a powerful platform for you to achieve financial freedom. Place your hand on your heart and ask yourself - Do I sincerely want to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in life?’ What would be your truthful answer? If the answer is YES then we invite you to associate with us for a comprehensive audit of your life velocity, the speed and the direction in which your life is headed. Mind you, Welocity starts with ‘We’ that represents team work and belongingness in its very name. While we promise to walk along with you step by step till you find the desired success velocity of your life, we expect you to reciprocate the same in equal measure.

So, come on, shred your inhibitions, shrug off your negativity, get out of your comfort zone and listen to that loud inner voice that calls for immediate and massive action. You have only one life that is so precious. Make it count.