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What Is Gene Banking?

Track Your Wellness Through
Gene Banking

There are broadly 3 types of DNA tests:

1) Forensic DNA Tests: These tests are conducted primarily for identification, criminal investigation or paternity determination by competent investigating agencies. Welocity does not carry out any forensic test in its Lifetime Genetics Program.

2) Pharmacological / Medical DNA Tests: These are medical DNA tests conducted by qualified healthcare professionals primarily for advanced diagnosis of various diseases. For instance, Oncologists conduct DNA tests to find out the correct line of treatment for a cancer patient. Welocity does not carry out any medical DNA Tests either in its Lifetime Genetics Program.

3) Nutrigenomic DNA Tests: Nutrigenomics DNA tests are non-Medical tests which study how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to nutrients and other naturally occurring compounds in the foods we eat. In short, Nutrigenomics helps us understand the relationship between human genome, diet, nutrition and health.

Welocity conducts nutrigenomics DNA tests using saliva sample. The sample is physically preserved, and the genetic data is electronically stored to conduct future Nutrigenomics tests. Gene Banking is the latest innovation in the banking of electronic health records in the quest for speeding up identification and prevention of diseases.

Gene banking is nothing, but collection of genetic information derived from human biological material such as extracted DNA and body fluids like blood or saliva. Human genetic information broadly refers to collections of genetic samples and genetic information, molecular genetic data, standardized clinical data, genealogical data and vital information on the health, lifestyle and environment of an individua in any combination, which have been established for human genetic research and diagnosis. Gene banking is primarily conducted for human research and specially to help in future diagnosis for various lifestyle disorders based on the new research findings.

Welocity Life Sciences in association with Sanger Genomics offers gene banking facility for its esteemed customers for the first time in India. The saliva samples are collected through a non-invasive DNA Saliva Sample Collection Kit specially made in and imported from Canada. The samples collected are protected against contamination using a very special proprietary preservative that can assist in storage of DNA for over 6 years.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to unlock your DNA code to find out your predistortion towards various health conditions and make necessary lifestyle corrections to protect against them. And store your DNA to benefit for future breakthroughs in research instantly.